productoJust over a year ago a group of 9 people with different abilities, motivations and interests started a project. The first steps were not easy and the context, with a deep crisis, add more uncertainty to the continuity of this “adventure”.

By chance, like many things in life, he fell into the hands of Raul, our CEO, the Entrepreneurs Fund call of the Repsol Foundation… and he decided to apply.

I must say that many of us were skeptical … it is Repsol! we said. But for some reason it is the CEO and we got into the IDEA phase. Suddenly, we had resources and, perhaps most importantly, support.

We were assigned a team of the highest level, with a professionalism only comparable to  their human qualities; all together and in a few months, this idea began to take shape.

We started winning awards … some very, very important (we still overwhelmed by it!) that gave us more strength to continue. And today the Fund of Entrepreneurs of the Repsol Foundation has selected us to enter the PRODUCT phase.

Needless to say, in AEINNOVA we have a mixture of pride, emotion, excitement and gratitude … many gratitude.

And it is possible that we keep winning awards and prizes, that we change the world or, at least, we do a little better, but whatever the future holds, the Repsol Foundation will always be part of the explanation for AEINNOVA.