Forum d’Inversió d’ACCIÓ


Last July 6th Raul Aragonés (Chairman and CBDO) and David Comellas (CFO) participated in the XXII Forum d’Inversió in Barcelona. This forum was organized by ACCIÓ-Generalitat de Catalunya. After overcoming a selection process, 21 companies participated in three categories and 9 passed to the final competition in front of an…

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EBAN Malaga award


Last June 5-7th Raul Aragonés (Chairman and CBDO) and David Comellas (CEO) participated in the EBAN event in Malaga, Spain. This event was organized inside the EBAN Annual Congress After overcoming a selection process during the EBAN Malaga 2017 Global Investor Forum pitch competition AEInnova was selected for The…

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Forum in Green Technologies


Last June 14 Raul Aragonés (CEO) and David Comellas (CFO) traveled to Madrid to participate in the Investment Forum in Green Technologies in Madrid. This forum is organized by CDTI and Innovation Norway within the framework of the Environment and Research and Technology related to climate change through the European…

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Generate15 Experience


AEInnova’s team was expecting to spend the 13th of November as the days before, facing the challenges that any entrepreneurial initiative brings, especially in the R&D field. However everything changed when it was announced that AEInnova was one of the 15 European Energy Startups to be invited to the Generate…

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Just over a year ago a group of 9 people with different abilities, motivations and interests started a project. The first steps were not easy and the context, with a deep crisis, add more uncertainty to the continuity of this “adventure”. By chance, like many things in life, he fell…

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